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While raccoons are cute in their natural habitat, they aren’t so cute when they get into your house. They not only make a big mess with their waste, but they are destructive. Your attic is the perfect place for a female to raise a litter. It’s warm, sheltered from the elements, and quiet. Raccoons get into your house by climbing trees, down spouts and tall shrubs that grow against your home. And, since raccoons can use their paws just like you use your hands, creating an entry point is not a problem for them, especially in weak spots.

Raccoons in Your Home

The attic isn’t the only place you might find raccoons. You could have them in the crawlspace, chimney, in the walls, or even above drop ceilings. Once these masked pests get into your home, they won’t leave on their own. You need raccoon pest control to live-trap them and relocate them. You shouldn’t make repairs until you trap and remove all the raccoons in your home. They’ll just create more damage when they make a new way out.

You can tell if you have raccoons in your home by looking at the droppings, their tracks, and even trails of debris they scatter throughout their chosen hiding places. If they are in the attic, it might sound like someone is walking around.

Getting Rid of Raccoons in Your Home

If you do not know how to trap raccoons, it is better to have a professional take care of the problem. They are smart animals. If you set traps and fail to catch the raccoons, they become trap shy – they learn to stay away from traps. Our professional raccoon pest control technicians know what to use as bait and where to place the traps for best results with trapping these pests.

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