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The most common wildlife problem in the St. Louis area is gray squirrels. Attics are the most common nesting site in structures. Entry is found through roof vents, openings in hidden corners and gutter boards, rotten fascia, torn attic screens and other openings. A major concern of squirrels in the attic is gnawing on electrical lines and the potential for fire.

It is very difficult to determine the number of squirrels inhabiting a structure. Generally, one to four squirrels are caught per opening but it varies from job to job. A female will often raise a family with two to four babies in the spring and they will all think it is home. In time, multiple generations may occur before the squirrels are noticed. They must be removed before the opening can be closed. If the opening is closed before they are removed, they will often do more damage trying to get back into “their” home or trying to get out once trapped inside.

Getting Rid of Squirrels in Your Home

Safe-Way Pest & Wildlife Service normally uses “live” trapping techniques to remove these unwanted guests. A cage trap or two is placed on the exterior, close to the entry point. These traps must be monitored daily so that once a squirrel is caught they can be relocated. Once all squirrels are removed, the opening must be closed to prevent new squirrels or other wildlife from entering. You may do this yourself, have it done, or we can do it. In most situations we give a 1 year guarantee if we close the opening. The trapping process can take several days to a month or more.
Pricing of our service is based on many factors. Height is normally the main consideration. Working on ladders and in attics carries risk and takes more time than working on the ground. In addition, two-story houses and steep roofs can make service more difficult.

If you need squirrel pest control to get rid of these pests, contact Safe-Way Pest and Wildlife Service today.

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