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Moles make their living eating earthworms or grubs. They live their life underground and rarely are seen above ground. They dig tunnels under the ground. Some tunnels are shallow and close to the surface and some are deep and unseen. Shallow tunnels are most common in the spring and fall when the soil is moist and easy to dig through and deep tunnels are often seen in the summer when the top layer of soil is hard and dry.

Big mounds can be found with deep tunnels when they find a weak spot in the hardened surface to push up their excavated soil. They have babies in the spring. There are normally 1 to 4 moles in a typical St. Louis yard.

Getting Rid of Moles in Your Yard

You might hear of many ways to get rid of moles, but most of those methods do not work. There are many baits, a few are effective, but most are not. Some companies sell grub control but there are still earthworms to eat, and we have found that grub control does not mean mole control. The most effective mole control is to remove them physically by trapping them.
There are no live traps for moles. Trapping is very effective but there is a great deal of learned art with trapping. We have tried the “spike” traps and although they work, we have found that “gripper” traps are much more effective.

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